Interesting Chimpanzee Facts

February 9, 2017 by Caldwell

A Chimp or Chimpanzee is one of the 4 types of world’s great apes including bonobos, orang-utans, and gorillas. Chimpanzees are commonly found inhabiting in the rainforests, grasslands, and woodlands of Central and West Africa. Its face has a pink shade to black shade in color and the entirety of its body is concealed with long dark black hair, except for its face, ears, its fingers as well as its toes.


You may mistakenly distinguish a chimpanzee from monkey but one major difference that separates chimps from monkeys is its tail. When making a distinction between a monkey and a chimpanzee, you have to know that Chimpanzees do not have tails while monkeys do. Chimpanzee also has opposable thumbs as well as toes which helps it to grasp any object so easily. When it comes to diet, chimpanzees are omnivorous by nature and mainly consisting of plants, fruits, eggs, meat, and insects.

Here are some more interesting chimpanzee facts and amazing pieces of information that you need to know:

  1. A female chimp can birth at any given time of the year but she does it after every 3 to 4 years.

  2. Male chimpanzees are territorial and this could be attributed to the fact that female chimpanzees habitually change community during her adolescence while male chimpanzee hardly ever leaves its community where male chimps are born.

  3. You may think that chimpanzees have a strong immune system but you have to know that they are also vulnerable and prone to catch human diseases such as influenza, measles, cold sores, ringworms and hepatitis B.

  4. Chimpanzees possess the ability to work with tools. To get food, they poke on twigs and grass stems to get into the nest of ants or termites infesting on these things. They also are able to break even the hard nut shells by just using jagged stones.

  5. Humans and chimpanzees are sharing DNA that exceeds 98 per cent. Thereby categorizing chimpanzees as the most intelligent among primates.

  6. When you hear interesting and unique sounds coming from chimpanzees, don’t be surprised since they use their own complicated system means of communication through sounds.

  7. Chimpanzees are members of social communities known as troops. This consists of quite a few dozens of animals where hierarchy is formed usually by the community’s adult males who are often led by what is called Alpha Male.

  8. Similar to humans, chimpanzees likewise use branches and sticks as clubs to swat away or throw them towards their enemies.

  9. It is not uncommon that chimpanzees may periodically organize hunts in catching small antelopes or / and monkeys.

  10. Even though chimpanzees spend a lot of their time on ground during the day, they are both terrestrial and arboreal.

  11. Scientists also noticed that chimpanzees utilize medicinal plants in treating their own injuries and illnesses.

Chimpanzees possess a lot of similarities when it comes to intelligence and attitude. Another additional fact, they groom and hold hands with their partners a lot and just like humans, they do touch each other more often and even kiss the first time that they meet. Truly, Chimpanzees are amazing and interesting.

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